Perrin Spring 2013 Bluegrass Festival

The Boss and I made the trip to Perrin, Texas this past Saturday to the Perrin Spring Bluegrass Festival. We had heard about this event for weeks and it is a much anticipated bluegrass event in North Texas. Numerous folks had asked us if we were going and some friends had invited us to go up there with them and stay in their trailer. The Festival was a four day event starting Wednesday, March 21. Well, that is the jam sessions started on Wednesday, the show were on Friday and Saturday. We just had too much stuff going on to go for 4 days…

It was a 90 mile trip from our house, a little less than the trip to Pearl, Texas. One of the things you can see at the Mitchell Resort is a small sign that says something to the effect that you are not “In the middle of nowhere.” Maybe both Pearl and Perrin are “in the middle of nowhere.”

Where Pearl was genuinely a rural community and admission was free, In Perrin what you will find though is that Mitchell Resort and RV Park is much more commercialized and has all the modern amenities (with the associated costs). Here is a little slide show that will take you through a quick tour of the park, though I don’t show much of the golf course or swimming pool.

We left home around 7:30 and got to Perrin a little after 9 a.m. When we left home it was raining and had light hail. In Perrin, it was cold, some wind and a lot of clouds. And, it did rain every once in awhile while we were there. The weather did cut down on the outside activities. No one was “jamming” outside and actually there were few folks to be seen around the park, except inside the building allocated for jam sessions and the hall where the bluegrass shows were performed. As I walked around and took pictures, I could hear music coming from a number of the trailers… and it wasn’t from their stereo systems… the jams and practices had moved inside the RV’s and trailers. Here are some photos I took of the jam sessions. You might notice The Boss in some of those pictures. She decided in January that she was going to learn to play the guitar and sing.

Here is a little video from the jam sessions. I want tell you that I had beau coup video and it was not easy to just pick a few clips, but it is what it is.

The shows were held in an event building that had a stage and a concession food bar (with great BBQ and free coffee). The seating was BYOS (as in bring your own seat) thus all the lawn chairs you see. They have an outdoor stage that you likely saw in the facilities slide show above.

Here are some slides and clips from the stage shows beginning with the “open stage” early in the morning. On Saturday morning, the stage shows began at 12:30 p.m and ran until 5 p.m. and then started over at 5:45 and ran until 10 or 10:30.

And now for some video clips from the shows that were performed on Saturday afternoon. Again, I had lots of video and there were some great performances and some terrific songs sang. This is just a few “clips” from some of the many, many, great songs we heard.

Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!

I recorded a number of songs from the different bands. I picked one for my favorite of the day. Here it is. Enjoy Sally Gooden.

As usual, the Texas version of bluegrass, gospel and traditional country music was fantastic. So, if you want to take a mini vacation, The Perrin Bluegrass Festival is a great event. You can rent a cabin, drive an RV or pull a camping trailer or just come for the day, but anyway you do it you are going to see some great performances and hear some terrific music. Better yet, if you play and sing bluegrass you can join in the jams and sit in there right alongside the professionals… they don’t care and actually they are happy to have you. It’s a family deal.

You can find more information about the Perrin Bluegrass Festivals at . The next one is October 18 thourgh 19, 2013.

And here is the map to the middle of no where:

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