Lillian 3rd Friday Bluegrass Show & Jam

Well, on Friday March 15, we made it over to the Lillian Baptist Church in time for the “show” portion of the Lillian 3rd Friday Bluegrass Show & Jam. And, it was well worth the trip.

The show and jam are sponsored by No Turning Back Bluegrass Gospel Ministry. We have attended a number of shows there since about this time last year. They always draw a pretty good crowd, usually 50 or so folks, sometimes more. We see some of the same folks we see over at the Venus Bluegrass Opry. In fact, Dale Brawner’s Cedar Junction Group was one of two other groups that performed last night in addition to No Turning Back.

Paul Stimson, Larry Joyner, Barbara Fuller and a new banjo player, Tim (think that was his name), comprise the No Turning Back group. This is the best picture of the group that we got last night… We just didn’t do a very good job with the photography… period. Over half of our video’s had focus problems, than means BLURRED, and that is a shame. There was some great music played.

Here are another photo or two that we got..

Paul and the group do and outstanding job with bluegrass gospel music. Very inspirational. It is not the same songs every performance… I think they must know hundreds of songs.

Dale Brawner’s Cedar Junction Group performed second and Dale was in high gear… too much coffee… actually Dale is always ready to play and sing. He is like a dirt devil twister, small but wound up. They were in excellent form last night as well. They had a mix of gospel and bluegrass music to offer last night. Cedar Junction is comprised of Dale, his wife Joy, Jim and Karen Chapman, their son Eric and Bob, an outstanding banjo picker. They not only offer great music, but they are a fun and humorous group as well.

In addition to their own show, Venus Bluegrass Show and Jam, they perform at numerous other BG events and Dale is constantly on the go, he may show up at any and all BG events. They were in Pearl Texas for this month’s show and performed there.

Here is another photo…. Big Bob, Eric, Jim, Karen and Dale. Joy is hiding back there somewhere.

Dale claimed that Eric had a matching shirt, but had outgrown it due to his recent marriage and the resulting good food and regular meals he is getting now. More photos…

The thrid group was a very pleasant surprise. They were the Dueling Hearts from Waco. They are an outstanding bluegrass group. Their members are: Wil : Banjo, vocals,song writing; Darla : Guitar, vocals; Arnie : mandolin, vocals; Dawn Hill: Vocals and guitar
Alvis Hill: Bass

And now, how about some samples of the music…..

We are throwing this next one in as a freebee…. It was closing number at the show Friday night… a great show and a great ending.

For a $5 admission fee, the show and jam is a great value… inspirational and great family fun. Be there next month.

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One Response to Lillian 3rd Friday Bluegrass Show & Jam

  1. Alvis Hill March 17, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    Sure enjoyed playing Lillian Friday night. One quick correction on the Dueling Hearts lineup: Patrick wasn’t with us, but Arnie was playing mandolin. Ya’ll come see us at Pearl in April!