Waxahachie Jamboree

We had not been to the Waxahachie Jamboree before… but we made it over there Saturday night.

We had heard about it from other folks who attend Western Swing events in the area and from Hoyt Patterson whom we had met at some other shows and jams.

The Jamboree has its own band, the “Tall Cotton” Jamboree Band: Marily McConnell (Keyboard and Vocals), Bill Wall (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Garry Kirchmeier (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Robert Turney (Drums,harmony and vocals), Dana Bennett (Fiddle and harmony). We know Marilyn from the Ellis County Opry where she sings and plays in that band as well. And we know Bill Walls and Dana Bennett from the Peoria Opry and the two Cleburne shows where they play in the band Vestal and The Boys. We hadn’t seen Garry Kirchmeier or Robert Turney before but we were impressed with their musical talent.

Saturday night’s show also included guest appearances from Amber Carrington, Gerald Keen, Charles Newman, Tammy Turney and Erin Kinsey. Amber was outstanding, and Erin, a 12 year old and one year into learning the guitar had great performances. I predict that we will hear and see a lot of Amber and Erin in the future. Two promising young performers. Gerald Keen and Charles Newman provided solid performances of great C & W songs. Tammy Turney is the wife of the drummer Robert Turney and she has an outstanding voice and also helped her husband by playing the keyboard and singing with him on his performance. The Turney couple are very talented and we enjoyed both their singing and playing.

Here is a sample of the band. We didn’t get a good solid video as we could never find a spot where the sound was “right” for us. This will be Dana Bennett getting down on “Orange Blossom Special”… sorry we missed the first few seconds of the performance.

We also took a few still pictures and here is a slide show of those photos:

We enjoyed the show, however, in future we will sit closer to the back since it was a little loud on the third row, where we sat. The Women’s Building is a nice facility. It appears to be a former church and provides a nice setting with the stage well elevated. The seats are “padded folding chairs”… at our age, padding is good.

It was great so see a number of friends there and we enjoyed visiting with them and some of the members of the band.

If you live in Waxahachie, this is a can’t miss deal for the money. We recommend it…. The price of admission was $7.50. You can contact the Jamboree at: waxahachiejamboree@yahoo.com

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